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Embark on a sailing trip for an incredible experience
For years, Ace Yachts has maintained its name as the supreme quality Yacht charter and boat Rental Company. We have a proven track record of operating out of the exclusive marina that the nation has to offer.
At Ace Yachts, our crew and management have an exceptional range of supreme yachts available in the United Arab Emirates. Our yachts are some of the finest models in the market and are hand-picked by the experts in our team to guarantee you a memorable experience. You could be planning a romantic getaway on the majestic waters with your lover or a super yacht to host a party for your friends; we have just the right yacht for you.
Our team of experienced professionals fulfils any wishes for the guest, according to their desires and budget. During your tour, we can anticipate and cater to all your needs for a private yacht party. You will have waiters, a DJ with a stereo music system, and hostesses on board to make your trip more magical.
The Yacht is the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle, contact us to choose your adventures with our crew and experience a sunny day sailing across the water!


Ace Yachts Dubai extends luxury yacht rentals to locals and visitors for a magical sailing experience. Our collection includes diamonds, black diamonds, Jacuzzi, and more.


We operate from the finest coastline and move up to your preferences. Unravel the majestic beauty of UAE with us.


Our crew manage a fleet of supreme quality yachts available for romantic getaways, parties, and more.


Witness prominent sights with us while you sail such as Dubai Marina, Ain wheel, JBR & Atlantis.


Yes, you are allowed to bring Food & Drink.

Children (18 or below) should be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

Payments can be made using our secure online payments. We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX credit or debit cards.

Yes, a dedicated professional Captain and Crew are available onboard.

We will update via call or Whats app the pick-up location where the boat or water experience is located.