Banana Boat Ride Dubai

Banana Boat Ride Rental Dubai

The banana ride is a thrilling and exciting water sports activity for every group of people. The inflatable boat shaped like a banana is controlled and pulled by a powerful speed boat. In the banana ride, riders can decide the speed and twists while sailing over Dubai waters. The standard speed range is also set for different ages and batches of people.

If you want the adventurous banana boat ride in Dubai, then we can get the best chiller ride for you and your loved ones. Our experts will provide you with proper guidance and a lifeguard jacket to make your banana ride in Dubai an unforgettable vacation ride with total safety.


30 Min

5 People

450 AED


1 Hours

5 People

800 AED

Experience the Best Banana Boat Ride in Dubai with Us

Banana ride in Dubai can prove to be an adventurous family ride on your Dubai trip. If you’re looking for a safe and exhilarating water sports ride for any division of age, then you should prefer banana ride. We know how to deliver the best banana boat ride in Dubai by adding that thrill element with proper safety. Our speed boat captain knows how to give the long wavy ride at high speed and turns to make your ride more exciting and enjoyable.

Sea Life Dubai delivers a safe and adventurous banana boat ride in Dubai for kids and adults. Our professional team tries hard to get the best fun ride while ensuring safety as a primary concern. We will take you on a fun-filled exciting sea ride that will make an exceptional memory of your vacation. We offer an unbeatable experience with the best banana boat ride in Dubai packages.


Minimum 4 persons required for this activity.

We suggest wearing bathing attire, with a T-shirt or anti-UV top, Don’t forget a hat, sunglasses and the sunscreen.

Yes, of course, but we strongly encourage bringing waterproof versions.

Children above 6 years will not be allowed for this activity due to safety reasons. Children below 18 years & above 10 years will be allowed for this activity if they are accompanied by their Parents or an Adult.