Wakeboard Dubai

There is something for everyone in Dubai. Some people come for the shopping, whereas, others come for the adventure. After you have observed the lifestyle and interacted with the locals, you can have more fun through a Wake Board rental Dubai. It will allow you to explore the city from a completely different vantage point. It will only make you fall in love with Dubai more. At Ace Yachts, we provide the best Wake Board rental service.


1 Hours

1 People

700 AED

Experience the Utmost Wakeboarding in Dubai with Us

Are you looking for a super thrilling solo water sports ride? Explore wakeboarding in Dubai for once and you will get your desired expectations solved. Wakeboarding is the world’s prominent adventurous and hair-raising water sport. Wear the lifejacket, stick tight with the wakeboard, and see your board cutting through the waves. Start your ride by getting towed with our powerful speed boat and try out multiple amazing tricks with unlimited freedom.

Wakeboarding in Dubai provides you with a rare opportunity to set yourself free from the restrictions and you can go wild with your adventure. Sea Life Dubai serves the elite wakeboarding in Dubai with a professional crew staying along with you. We want you to get the utmost wakeboarding experience by taking care of your proper training and chief safety. While staying in Dubai, turn your holiday into an adventurous lifetime memory by wakeboarding with us.


Wakeboarding is very much like snowboarding but on water. If you have tried skateboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, or any ‘side ways’ sport, this will give you an advantage to learn to wakeboard.

Yes, you must be able to swim 50m with a buoyancy aid on, and be confident in the water. It is very likely for you to go under water.

Yes. Wake Boarding is suitable from ages 8 and upwards.

No problem, we have beginner lessons available! Our instructors will teach you the basics through a land session followed by one session on the water to get you up and wakeboarding, the rest is just practice!

Yes, we provide all equipment including a buoyancy aid, helmet and board.

Not at all. Our sessions are calculated by time.