Where To Celebrate New Year 2023 in Dubai? | Ace Yachts

We were totally trapped in the whirlpool of conditions this year most particularly the Coronavirus pandemic which has antagonistically affected us all. For quite a long time we have all been gotten up our homes believing that the pandemic will show up at a goal.


This approaching New Year 2023 engravings a fresh start. A hankering for a much peaceful and better future. Motivation to praise life, to yacht party the entire night, and to recognize motivation that anticipates us all.


Oblige us locally open and follow your associates with our NYE party boat. At AED 1250 for every person, free beverages, live DJ locally open and generally speaking smorgasbord complete. Witness the light show introduced our 125Ft party houseboat. Rush and book your reservation now! Restricted accessibility by and large.


Take part in the night on and on and witness Dubai’s most bewildering light show across the Palm and Burj Al Bedouin. Watch the skies stir with astounding light shows Dubai New Year is outstanding for.


Make this New Year more key locally open Super Yachts in Dubai.

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